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Walking the streets of Vilnius: little is left of the old Trocka street.

Today we are going back to the Vilnius Old Town. This time we will walk through Trocka (Trakų) street. It is barely 280 meters long which makes it one of… Read more »

Walking down the Vilnius streets: Pelczar – a figure worth commemorating

Several years ago, there appeared many new streets near the Santoryszki District of Vilnius. One of them was named after Kazimierz Pelczar – the great Polish oncologist, the professor of… Read more »

The winners of the plebiscite “Pole of the Year” awarded

“Everyone from the ten deserves such a cup, since we all play in one orchestra together” – said Sister Michaela Rak, the winner of the Readers’ Plebiscite promoted by “Kurier… Read more »

The Vilnius region: anniversaries of squandered opportunities

The Vilnius region: anniversaries of squandered opportunities On January 29 the Lithuanian Parliament, much to the surprise of many, passed a regulation on the rights of minorities which met a number… Read more »

Jaszuny (Jašiūnai): from Calvinism to miraculous “revelations”

We are continuing the series entitled “Visiting the Šalčininkai District”. Let us stay in Jaszuny for a little longer. This time we will scrutinize the spiritual side of the life… Read more »

Silver jubilee of “Magazyn Wileński”

“Magazyn Wileński” celebrates its jubilee – 25 years of existence. 25 years is not that long, but it is a lot when one takes into consideration the bravery of its… Read more »

Tadeusz Konwicki In Memoriam

Taduesz Konwicki (1926-2015), a Polish writer, script-writer and film director, passed away on the 7th of January. -‘The Polish culture suffered a great loss, because he was one of the… Read more »

Good year for the Association of Polish Scholars in Lithuania

The representatives of the Association of Polish Scholars in Lithuania (SNLP) on Tuesday 6th of January held a small meeting in Cafe “Sakwa” in Vilnius. During this meeting they discussed the scientific… Read more »

Walking down the Vilnius streets: Gucewicz, the great architect

Wawrzyniec Gucewicz Street (in Lithuanian: Laurynas Stuoka-Gucevičius Street) is located in the centre of Vilnius. Earlier, it had a few other names: Bonifraterska Street, II Bonifraterski Zaułek (Alley), later on… Read more »

“Polish Christmas Eve in Vilnius”

“It is not the first time I am at the Polish Christmas Eve in Vilnius organised thanks to the efforts of St. Moniuszko Polish Culture Centre in Lithuania, but this… Read more »

25th anniversary of the magazine “Znad Wilii”

On Friday, 12th of December, in Vilnius in Museum of Adam Mickiewicz was a kind, one might say, a family celebration: celebration of the 25th anniversary of the magazine “Znad Wilii”. For… Read more »

Journey around Vilnius streets: by Młynowa Wilenka river flows

On Młynowa Street (Malūnų), there used to be mills by Wilenka but presently they survived only in the name of the street. In the 19th century, its name was changed… Read more »

Walking around Vilnius: the amazing biography of Oskar Miłosz

The street is named after Oskar Miłosz, the relative of the poet and the essayist, a Nobel Prize winner Czesław Miłosz. It is a little bit untypical in Vilnius conditions:… Read more »

Journey around Vilnius streets: St. Casimir- patron saint of Lithuania

This time we will take a walk around St. Casimir Street (Šv. Kazimiero g.). In the guidebooks we can find the information that this street is the narrowest street in… Read more »

Community workers save Vilnius relics

On Old Rasos, historical Vilnius necropolis the restoration of the Jeleńscy sepulchral chapel was finished. This architectural monument was restored thanks to funds collected by the Social Committee “Poznań for… Read more »

Journey around Vilnian streets: Story about the deserving family of Sawicz

Sawicz Street (Savičiaus g.) begins by Town Hall Square and runs towards Bakszta Street (Bokšto g.). It used to have different names: Sawicz the second or Aleksandrijewskaja. Finally, it was… Read more »

Roaming around the streets of Vilnius: Montwiłł – a great philanthropist

Not only one but more streets are named after him. Each name is different but they have one thing in common – Kolonia Montwiłłowska. This is the oldest housing association… Read more »

Polish bookshop “Elephas” opens an online shop in Vilnius

We would like to invite you to visit our new online shop ( which opens on 30th October 2014. We decided to rise to the  expectations of our clients who… Read more »

Journey around Vilnian streets: What happened at Skopówka…

Jan Konrad Obst, who was born in his own house by Bernadine alley 11, which is now known as Adam Mickiewicz Museum (presently belonging to the Vilnius Uniwersity, former Stefan… Read more »

Roaming around the streets of Vilnius: Andrzej Wolan, a humanist from Bathory’s time

Andrzej Wolan was born around 1530 in the western part of Greater Poland. He happened to come to Vilnius. At present, one of the most charming and interesting historically streets… Read more »

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