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Poles in Lithuania in 1923 and 2011

We present you two maps concerning the places of residence of Polish minority in Lithuania in 1923 and 2011. The website compared the registers of citizens in 1923 and… Read more »

Social Democrats of the city Šalčininkai challenged the name “Waldemar Tomaszewski’s Block”

The Social Democrats Šalčininkai district in the Central Election Commission challenged the decision of the local election commission on registration in the local elections coalition called “Coalition Electoral Action of… Read more »

Rita Tamašunienė: Minority groups are not treated leniently in Lithuania

The members of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania stated that the recommendations of OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) concerning the possibility of using information not… Read more »

Ban on the usage of “Tomaszewski” surname

Akcja Wyborcza Polaków na Litwie (Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania) complains about the obstacles preceding the local government elections. One of the obstacles concerns the ban on the usage… Read more »

Most ethnic minority representatives find out about Ukraine from Russian television

The majority of ethnic minority representatives find out about events in Ukraine from Russian TV channels, which blame Ukraine for the current conflict, reports the Radio and Television Commission of… Read more »

How Dalia Grybauskaitė’s attitude to Poles has changed over the years

Let’s take a look at Dalia Grybauskaitė’s statements on issues concerning Poland over the last few years. The 29th of August 2009 – ‘Lithuanian grammar includes all that is necessary to write Polish… Read more »

PL DELFI established an amazing record – over 100 000 readers!

The top Polish web portal in Lithuania has been visited by over 100 000 users for the first time. In October and November, the number of unique users reached over 109 000… Read more »

The ranking of local authorities of 2014. The Vilnius region goes down, the Salcininkai region goes up.

The municipality of Kłajpedy took first place in the ranking of municipalities. The regional authority of Kowieński region took first place among regional authorities. The Vilnius region local government fell… Read more »

Lithuanian Wikipedia filled out with 234 entries about Poland!

The competition organised by Polish embassy in Vilnius and portal DELFI for the best entries about Poland in Lithuanian Wikipedia has been settled! The first places in the contest were… Read more »

The surnames of Poles in Lithuania becloud the sun for decades

Separate legal act on spelling of names and surnames in documents is not needed and it would be enough just to amend acts which already exist, declared the Deputy Chair… Read more »

Vaišnienė: Problem with „w”, „q” and „x” still exists, but we won’t change anything

The chairperson of the State Commission of the Lithuanian Language, Daiva Vaišnienė, declared that, due to the original name spelling where non-Lithuanian characters are used, Commission would not make any… Read more »

National minorities vs. “demonic” Commission of the Lithuanian Language

There was the discussion about the National Minorities Act in Seimas yesterday. The Liberal Union of Lithuania was supposed to present its own variant of the Act but the discussion… Read more »

Polish Debating Society. Second Approach. “Zombowanie” of Russian television

For the second time, Polish Debating Society invited us to the discussion on the subject of national minorities in Lithuania. The meeting was supposed to deal with the topic “Lithuanian… Read more »

Gediminas Kazėnas: Lithuanians should follow Poles in how to love their homeland.

The reader Gediminas Kazėnas (Political Sciences Department in Michał Romer University in Vilnius) comments on the “Studies of the identity of the Polish minority in Lithuania”, guided by the group… Read more »

Gediminas Kazėnas: Poles set an example how to love one’s homeland and Lithuanians should follow it (84

Docent Gediminas Kazėnas of Institute of Political Sciences at Mykolas Romeris University (Uniwersytet Michała Romera) in Vilnius, comments on “Polish national minority in Lithuania’s identity research” (“Badania nad tożsamością polskiej… Read more »

Polish Discussion Club. It is time for Polish – Polish discussion

“We want to create a platform for the discussion among Poles in Lithuania, which would create new ideas to improve the situation of Lithuanian Poles and Polish-Lithuanian relations” – said… Read more »

Poczykowska is leaving the Ministry. There is only one „Polish” vice minister left

Vice minister, Leokadia Poczykowska, from the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania, has finished her work in the Ministry of Agriculture. Her position is taken by Vilius Martusevičius, who has… Read more »

The Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania rejected an act concerning national minorities submitted by the conservatives

The Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania quashed the variant of the act on national minorities suggested by the conservatives, which for example prohibited bilingual plates. In favor of the… Read more »

The Government: letters q, w and x can have negative influence on the Lithuanian language

The Government agreed with the suggestion of the Ministry of Culture concerning the initiative of the group of members of Parliament, who proposed that all letters of the Latin alphabet,… Read more »

The Ministry of Culture: Cytacki should take and pass an exam from the Lithuanian language

The Ministry of Culture claims that a request from a citizen of Poland Mariusz Cezary Cytacki, who works in the local government of the Vilnius Region to know the Lithuanian… Read more »

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