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TVP Vilnius on air from today

September 17, at 18.30, after more than a year of preparations, will start a new channel of Polish Television – TVP Vilnius. Its offer includes a daily news program and… Read more »

2nd Educational Fair of Polish Schools in Lithuania

2nd Educational Fair of Polish Schools in Lithuania On September 14th, at Katedralny Square, Polish schools from the Vilnius region presented their offer during the 2nd Educational Fair “100 colors”… Read more »

Next to the seat of the Lithuanian Jewish community – a swastika from the earth

A photo of the swastika swept away from the sidewalk with a few flowers was shared on the Jewish community’s profile on the social network “Facebook”. The chairwoman of the… Read more »

Irina Rozowa in the crosshairs of the National Security and Defense Committee

The Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defense proposed to initiate a parliamentary investigation regarding MP Irina Rozowa, who did not receive access to classified information because she concealed contacts… Read more »

Dobrowolska: How to officially remain a Pole in Lithuania

In two years, another census will be carried out, in which whether we are Poles according to statistics will be determined not by the answer we give the enumerator, but… Read more »

Urbanowicz: Differentiation of Lithuanian language teaching in Polish and Lithuanian schools is being considered

“Students of Polish schools in Lithuania will officially be able to use textbooks published in Poland” – said Jolanta Urbanowicz, deputy minister of education, science and sport. A guest of… Read more »

Žemaitaitis: Polish problems should be solved

Appeals by Vytautas Landsbergis to take power away from Poles in the Vilnius region – “this is chauvinism” emphasizes Remigijus Žemaitaitis, vice president of the Lithuanian parliament and leader of… Read more »

Tomaszewski: We are mobilized by work for voters

“We are mobilized by work for voters – a great desire and duty to resolve their problems and help them,” said Waldemar Tomaszewski. MEP and AWPL leader – ZChR added… Read more »

Karbauskis: We support all activities aimed at the integration of national minorities

“If the Act on National Minorities is really missing, we are ready to consider it,” said Ramūnas Karbauskis, leader of the Lithuanian Peasants’ and Greens Association, on “Day for two… Read more »

There will be a guide! But not this one and not in September

The media, including those in Poland, have trumpeted success – in September the first Polish schools in Lithuania will receive an adapted textbook for learning their native language, which was… Read more »

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