The Ministry of the Interior suggests a development plan for Vilnius county

Fot. BNS/Julius Kalinskas

The Minister of the Interior Eimutis Misiūnas put forward to the government session a plan to balance the development of South-East Lithuania, that is Vilnius county. The government is supposed to allot for this purpose 60 mln euro.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the biggest challenge is the infrastructure and public service network, which is not meeting the demand of the region residents, too great territorial concentration of individual groups of residents as well as lack of balanced growth in the economy.

Following the department’s plan, at least ten institutions, providing multi-functional services, are supposed to be created in Vilnius county. Regional system of public transport is due to be created. The priority objective will be to encourage investors in order to strengthen the economic potential.

The plan of balanced development of the Vilnius county is being prepared by The Ministry of the Interior together with the departments of education and skills, culture, transportation, finance, economy and state security. The Department of National Minorities and local governments are also involved in the process.


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