Matura exam results at Vilnius region schools

Matura exam session for this year’s absolvents of Vilnius region schools was good. 29 students of Vilnius region schools got maximum number of points from this year’s matura.

Most of the absolvents was passing national exams from Lithuanian language, foreign languages (English and Russian) and mathematics.

The best results were from foreign languages. English language exam was passed by 99,36% of absolvents, and from Russian – 100%. These are better results from the region than from the nation.

Comparing to 2016 the number of students which were choosing science on their exam was higher. Absolvents passed exams well from physics, geography, biology, chemistry, and as well as from history and IT.

Unfortunately this year 10,96% of absolvents did not pass their exam from Lithuanian language there were also absolvents from Vilnius region. From 326 absolvents from Vilnius region  this exam was passed by 80,67%.

As all the years of matura absolvents of minority schools they chose their native language (Polish and Russian) which is not obligatory on the exam, 29 students were the best absolvents in the country, they got maximum number of points (100 points) from matura exams.

The highest number of points they got from foreign languages, mathematics, history, and IT.

The most 100s absolvents were from Gimnjazum im. św. Rafała Kalinowskiego in Niemież (6), iGmnazjum im. Konstantego Parczewskiego in Niemenczyno and Gimnazjum Ryto in Rudomino (5), Gimnazjum w Pogirach (3). In the past years in Vilnius region there were 33 of 100s graduates.

The most of the 100s (2 results) got – Marlena Butkiewicz from Gimnazjum im. K. Parczewskiego in Niemenczyno (from Russian and history) and Rafał Babiński from Gimnazjum in Pogiry (from mathematics and IT).

The local government of Vilnius region each year honours the best absolvents. This year the celebration of honouring the best absolvents will be held during the session of the Council at the finish of this year’s summer.

You can check out the list 100s graduates here.


Tłumaczenie by Marcin Trusewicz w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, Translated by Marcin Trusewicz within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights,

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