Polish-Lithuanian discussions about the NATO summit

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Deputy Heads of Polish and Lithuanian diplomacy – Marek Ziółkowski and Andrius Krivas – have discussed in Vilnius the goals of collaboration during preparations for the NATO summit in Warsaw and the security situation in the region.

The conference in Vilnius, which took place last Friday, is the next meeting within the framework of a regular dialog between Poland and Lithuania. The visit of Marek Ziółkowski, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, was at the same time part of preparations for the NATO summit in Warsaw in July.

Deputy Minister Ziółkowski stated that Poland highly values collaboration with Lithuania in the area of security.

– Its concrete example is the joint Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian LITPOLUKRBRIG brigade with the Command in Lublin and regular participation of Polish planes in policing the Baltic countries’ airspace as part of the NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission – said the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. – Together with Lithuania we jointly estimate challenges facing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and our region – he added.

Deputy Ministers agreed that the reinforcement of the real, military presence of NATO is currently essencial for the security of the region. They also stated that crucial decisions on this issue should be made during the summit in Warsaw.

– Poland, which is one of the Lithuania’s main allies, makes great efforts to solve the security issue in our region. Lithuania counts on ambitious decisions by the NATO countries during the summit in Warsaw and is ready to actively support Poland during preparations for such an important event” – said Andrius Krivas, Lithuanian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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