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80th Anniversary of Piłsudski’s Death Commemorated at Vilnius’ Rasos Cemetery

On 12 May at Vilnius’ Rasos Cemetery, a wreath-laying ceremony at the Mother and the Heart of Son mausoleum  took place to commemorate the 80th  death anniversary of Marshal Józef… Read more »

ZHPnL bets on the young

After the last Extraordinary Meeting, ZHP in Lithuania has new authorities. Elections were not just formality – the whole executive board has been changed. Is that a predictor of changes?… Read more »

A ranking that discriminates Polish schools?

“If there are such huge discrepancies from year to year, then this means that a school doesn’t have a system” – commented on a new ranking of schools published in… Read more »

PKD appeals for resuming broadcasting of Polish Television programmes in Lithuania

‘We urge further consideration to the possibility of resuming broadcasting of TVP programmes in Lithuania’ – wrote in an open letter to the National Broadcasting Council and the Polish Television,… Read more »

Even more Lithuanism in non-Lithuanian schools

On the initiative of the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science, two new methodical guides were published, for the Lithuanian language teachers working in national minorities schools. ‘Second language of… Read more »

University entrance exams in Poland: ‘There were not enough skilled persons to fill all pools’.

Twenty eight high school graduates qualified to receive the grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland. The grant pool for Lithuania equaled 35, though there was… Read more »

Liberal-Conservative Majority’s Blow to Adam Mickiewicz High School

September 1st is the deadline for reorganizing high schools into gymnasiums, progymnasiums and primary schools. Therefore, in accordance to the law, local governments had to make decisions until May 1st… Read more »

Parliament Committee about surnames: Yes for ‘w’, ‘q’, ‘x’ – no for ‘ą, ć, ę, ł, ń, ó, ś, ź, ż’

The Parliament Committee of Law and Rule of Law proposes the spelling of surnames in documents to be with the letters of Latin alphabet and based on the standards of… Read more »

Demolition of the tombstone wall has begun

The scouts have begun the demolition of the tombstone wall they discovered in early Spring at one of neglected backyards in Algirdo Street in Vilnius. The city’s authorities did not… Read more »

Liberals propose a referendum on the issue of dual citizenship

The Parliament begun a discussion on the proposal put forward by the Liberal Movement to hold a referendum on the issue of dual citizenship. It would be held in Autumn… Read more »

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