Polish schools in Lithuania afraid of another blow

The main organizer, vice-marshall of Lithuanian Parliament from AWPL Jarosław Narkiewicz, announces the high level of deliberations and invite all interested. Fot. Andrius Ufartas

High school finals are around the corner. These year will be the next when Polish students in Lithuania will take unified exam from Lithuanian language. Unified means the same for the students whose national language is Lithuanian and for those who are attending schools of national minorities.

We remind that the exam from Lithuanian language and literature for students who are attending school in Lithuanian and for those students of national minorities was unified in 2011 when the amendment in education was introduced. Polish community on Lithuania was strongly against this amendment and protested against its introduction. Moreover, many efforts were taken by AWPL.

From information that L24 have, it is believed that Lithuanian politics are not to stop on unifying teaching methods of Lithuanian language in classes 11-12. To make matters worse, they will try to introduce more national language in schools rather than those languages of national minorities. Our interlocutors say about being afraid of introduction of these plans from the first class.

Because of the new threats for minority schools, mainly for Polish, vice-marshal of Lithuanian Parliament from AWPL, Jarosław Narkiewicz, will organise a conference in Vilnius “Unified exam from Lithuanian language – challenges and consequences for students, teachers and school”.

“Consequences resulted from unification of curricula are visible ad different levels, but the political view is not by our side. This concern is really serious but still the result is not determined. We see delaying tactics but also the new and unfavourable for us methods. We heard that the politics would take further steps after unifying the exam. Other actions are possible and that is why Parliament fraction of AWPL, Forum of Polish Schools Parents and  “Macierz Szkolna” decided not to wait and organise open discussion and discuss the consequences of unifying exam for student, parent, teacher and school” – said to L24 J. Narkiewicz, the main organizer of this conference.

Vice-marshal of Lithuanian Parliament reminded that last time Parliament refused the AWPL amendments. They were aimed at bringing back the variety of curriculum. “This conference will be a good time for all people to hear about the consequences and problems concerning the unification. We will try to be heard, we will prepare and send a proper resolution” – he added.

Their participation in this conference will take: the chairman of Association of Polish Teachers on Lithuania “Macierz Szkolna”, a member of parliament, Józef Kwiatkowski, a parliamentarian and a chef of parliamentary committee for education, teaching and culture Audronė Pitrėnienė, the minister of education Dainius Pavalkis. Not only Lihuanians will take part in this event, but also the representatives from schools, both students and parents will deliver speech.

At this moment 27 schools will take part in the conference. The registration will be closed today. It is available at 8612 01 260 or via e-mail: agata.mankeliuniene@lrs.lt.

The conference will be live online on lrs.lt.

The event will take place on Friday 24.04.2015 at 11am in the building of III Parliament RL.

Source: http://l24.lt/pl/oswiata/item/65835-polskie-szkoly-na-litwie-obawiaja-sie-kolejnego-ciosu

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