ZW FUN: First youth radio in Lithuania will be created!

Photo. Bożena Mieżonis

The ‘Radio-eaters’ school’ 6 ZW FUN competition is picking up the pace! Today there was the first meeting of the competition’s organizers and participants – future journalism adepts, who will be creating the first professional radio for the youth in Lithuania.

This year’s edition of ‘Radio-eaters is special, because the participants themselves will have the opportunity to create their dream radio ZW FUN!

As emphasized during the meeting by the CEO of ‘Znad Willi’ Radio, Mirosław Juchniewicz, the ZW FUN project is completely innovative and unprecedented in all of Lithuania. New professional studio will be established, in which the youth radio programming, from start to finish, will be compiled by the youths themselves – chosen from among the participants of the ‘Radio-eaters’ school’ competition.

Before the May 25th participants should submit the competition project of ‘ZW FUN’ radio, including the broadcasting programming as well as the concept of youth website. The results will be announced on June 9th 2015 on the ‘Znad Willi’ Radio and the information portal At the turn of August and September the competition’s winners will undergo vocational training in equipment handling, voice emission and diction, and then… ZW FUN radio will start broadcasting!

Students of 8 schools of Vilnius and the Vilnius Region have applied to take part in the ‘Radio-eaters’ school’ competition.


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