The history of Kraszewski Vilnius is now available in Lithuanian

Fot. Andrius Ufartas

The book by Józef Ignacy Kraszewski entitled „Vilnius from its beginning until 1750. Volume I” is now available in the Lithuanian bookshoops for the first time in Lithuanian language.

For Lithuanian readers, Kraszewski is more famous for being a writer rather than a historian.

In 1829 Kraszewski started his education on Medical Faculty of the University of Vilnius. However, he soon chose another faculty, Literature.

He was an active participant in students’ life, also in a group of conspirants. On the 3rd December in  1830 Kraszewski was taken  in prison among with a group of young people.. It was not until March 1832 when he was realised from it and the prison’s infirmary. Kraszewski received an order to set up in Vilnius with superveillance but only until 1832. During his stay in Vilnius Kraszewski was responsible for many historical researches. After years it brought about a four-volume book on the history of this town („Vilnius from its beginning until 1750. Volume I”).

Józef Ignacy Kraszewski is the patron of Kraszewski grammar school which is situated in New Wilejka, a one of Vilnius districts.


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