Local government elections: Poles constituted more than 4% of the total number of candidates

Fot. BFL/ Andrius Ufartas

The Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Lithuania revealed the data about the candidates who took part in this year’s local government elections. The data shows that Poles constituted more than 4% of the total number of candidates.

Lithuanians constituted 67% of the total number of candidates, Poles constituted slightly more than 4% of the candidates, and Russians constituted almost 1,5% of those who took part in the local government elections. Furthermore, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Tatars, Englishmen and Samogitians took part in the elections. More than one-fourth of the candidates did not specify their nationalities.

Exceptionally many women (as many as 367) got seats in the local government councils. It is 7% more than in 2011 and 16% more than in 1997.

On this year’s ballots, there are going to be (in comparison with women) 69 men less than during the last year’s local government elections.

Furthermore, the average age of the candidates lowered by 4 years and now is 50,9 years.

23 political parties and 58 citizens’ committees took park in the local government elections. 15 thousand candidates fought for 1524 seats in the councils in 60 local governments.

Source: http://zw.lt/litwa/wybory-samorzadowe-polacy-stanowili-ponad-4-proc-kandydujacych/

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