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Conservative Vice Mayor: We do not have negative attitude towards any school

A new Vice Mayor of Vilnius, Conservative Valdas Benkunskas, who will be responsible for education and energy, promised that no Polish school would be closed, as the website reports…. Read more »

Tomaszewski not wanted. Small protest in front of the Vilnius district municipiality building

During today’s meeting, the council of Vilnius district municipality intend to make a decision on bestowing Waldemar Tomaszewski, the  leader of Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania, with the title… Read more »

Dawidowicz and Błaszkiewicz in PKD: Polish school is more tolerant

Why did this discussion arise after 25 years of independence, why didn’t we meet earlier?” – these words said by Danuta Korkus from the Władysław Syrokomla High School in Vilnius… Read more »

Prime Minister of Lithuania met in Vilnius with the Lithuanians from Puńsk

Prime Minister of Lithuania Algirdas Butkevičius thanked the mayor for a long Puńsk activities for celebrities of Lithuania and uniting Lithuanians living in Poland. Lithuanian minority actually works very rapidly…. Read more »

The Honorary Citizenship of Vilnius District for Waldemar Tomaszewski and the protest meeting

The Council of Vilnius District has registered the project whereby the leader of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania (AWPL), Waldemar Tomaszewki, is supposed to be granted the Honorary… Read more »

The sword of Steponavi’cles once again over Polish schools?

The liberals of the newly elected mayor of Vilnus, Remigijus Šimašius, prior to the elections promised cheaper electricity and gas, and after the elections they start traditionally – by cutting… Read more »

‘The issue is still open’. Polish schools in Vilnius ready for accreditation.

Polish schools in Vilnius are ready for the accreditation process of the secondary school curriculum and have the support of the local government – say the representatives of Polish educational… Read more »

Concerning the dynamics of Polish-Lithuanian relations

The publication ‘The dynamics of Polish-Lithuanian relations’ saw the light of day – the legacy of the First International Scientific Conference of the same name, which took place in Kaunas… Read more »

The rector of the Polish University of the Third Age in Vilnius: Poles should be on top.

‘In our Polish University of the Third Age in Vilnius, we build bridges between generations. We organize meetings with the grandchildren of our students, hold meetings in schools, kindergartens. We… Read more »

Polish organizations in Lithuania. Were it not for Poland…

By 2014, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support Polish community in Lithuania has allocated 14 million PLN (3.5 million). Total last year, the Polish Foreign Ministry issued a decision… Read more »

Polish-Lithuanian cooperation created a film about the image of the Merciful God

The painting “Jesus, I trust in You” is one of the most famous religious paintings created in Vilnius. Currently, the film tells the story. Vilnius premiere will take place at… Read more »

Created Polish-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce

Officially began operations Polish-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of the Chamber is to stimulate economic cooperation between companies from both countries. President of the Chamber was one of the… Read more »

The Lithuanian Ministry of Culture will co-fund 10 Polish projects

In November last year, the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture held a competition for co-funding projects aimed at promotion of ethnic minorities’ culture. Bearing in mind that on the 1st of… Read more »

Signposts “From above the Neris”: History of New Vilnia

Currently, New Wilejka the average inhabitant of Vilnius and Lithuania is rather associated with a psychiatric hospital. It is true that the hospital has played an important role in the… Read more »

Coalition with the Poles without Poles. Impossible in Vilnius, possible in Klaipeda

Elected for another term as mayor of Klaipeda Vytautas Grubliauskas on behalf of the Association of Liberal does not reject the possibility of creating a coalition with the Coalition Electoral… Read more »

Artur Zapolski: ‘I do not understand Jarosław Narkiewicz’s objections’.

According to Artur Zapolski, the president of the Polish Debating Club, it is not easy to grasp the gist of objections made by Jarosław Narkiewicz, the vice-leader of the Lithuanian… Read more »

Zuokas or Šimašius – who is more sympathetic towards for the Poles

A. Zuokas, over the years when he held the office of mayor, tried to do in Vilnius city “on European show.” Put more on the image-side. Hence ideas to Vilnius… Read more »

Walking through the streets of Vilnius: the name Sophia Gulewicz

It is one of the newest and so far the humblest streets. Located on the edge of the beautiful Cologne Vilnius (Pavilnys) and it is only a few villas. But… Read more »

PL DELFI – 3 years together!

The top Polish web portal in Lithuania, PL DELFI, celebrates its 3rd anniversary!!! Let’s remind briefly, how we spent these 3 years, and have a look on results the portal… Read more »

Polish flags at the Independence March

Poles living in the Vilnius region has also been taking part in celebrations of the 25th anniversary of Lithuanian independence. Children from ethnic minorities (including Polish kids) in their national… Read more »

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