New kindergartens in the Vilnius District – ones with the Lithuanian language


The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania plans to establish new Lithuanian kindergarten groups in several towns in the Vilnius District, which is inhabited predominantly by the Polish people. Therefore, there are going to be new units created in Bukiszki, Bendary, Czarny Bór and Awiżenie, maintained and coordinated directly by the ministry.

The department explains that the increase in the number of Lithuanian kindergarten groups is the response to the requests of parents from the Vilnius District: “Despite the fact that local governments are responsible for taking care of the kindergartens; the ministry, seeing a huge shortage of kindergarten places in Vilnius and the areas around, creates a number of education groups subordinated to it in the Vilnius Region. We received a lot of requests to allow kindergartners to be brought up speaking their native language, since the institutions with the Lithuanian language located around are overcrowded” – said Dainius Pavalkis.

In the years 2011-2014, the ministry created 22 kindergarten groups with the Lithuanian language, which are coordinated and maintained by it. Kindergartens created in the Vilnius District include: the ones in Czarny Bór, Wojdaty, Bukiszki, Bendary, Suderwa, Rudomino, Ciechanowiszki, Ławaryszki, the ones in the Šalčininkai District (at the Millennium Gymnasium in Šalčininkai and at the Primary School in Butrymańce). Before the end of 2015, the ministry will have finished building the kindergarten in Awiżenie.

The Ministry of Education and Science coordinates 14 schools south-east of Lithuania, in the districts inhabited mainly by the Polish people.

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