Professor Henry Malewski: Minorities need elites

Christmas meeting of the Association of Polish Scholars of Lithuania

The Association of Polish Scholars of Lithuania (SNLP) aims to promote Science among Polish young people in Lithuania and encourage the most talented of its representatives to choose a scientific path. Professor Henry Malewski emphasizes that each minority group can grow rapidly only if it promotes their elite, of which scientists must be a part.

The Christmas meeting of the Association of Polish Scholars of Lithuania (SNPL) was an opportunity not only to wish each other Merry Christmas, but also to summarize the activities of the association in 2014 and to present plans for the new year. As the chairman of SNLP, Prof. Henryk Malewski, says last year was very successful: a big, international conference was held and another volume of the SNPL year book was published. The association has also decided to introduce a major change to its statute – from now on, doctoral students may also become members of SNPL. Prof. Malewski expresses his hope that this will result in a rejuvenation of the association. He also notes that the percentage of scholars among the Polish minority is still unsatisfactory.

During the meeting, Barbara Dwilewicz, doc. PhD, presented the latest volume of the SNPL Yearbook (Volume 13/14, 2014). The main part of the book consists of articles prepared on the basis of papers presented at the international conference organized by the SNPL and the Polish Society of Political Thought called “European Family: European political thought and the challenges of the 21st century”. The conference was held in April 2014 in Vilnius.

Krystyna Moroz-Lapin, PhD presented the article “Meandering Lithuanian educational policy in minority education”. The authors, Krystyna Moroz-Lapin and Miroslaw Szejbak, PhD, presented the comparison of the results of teaching in Polish and Lithuanian schools. The research was carried out due to the repeated allegations against the Polish schools in Lithuania. It turned out that scientific results strongly contradict the Lithuanian media’s tendency to look negatively at Polish schools. “The mathematical mean is not political,” emphasizes Krystyna Moroz-Lapin.

The association of Polish Scholars of Lithuania (SNPL) is a creative, self-governing and independent social organization uniting scholars and young students (those involved in research and teaching activities), whose mission is to implement the statutory objectives, supporting and coordinating the activities of its members, as well as the representation and defending of their interests and laws. The Association refers to the objectives of the Society of Friends of Learning founded in 1907 in Vilnius and continues its tradition.

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