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Good year for the Association of Polish Scholars in Lithuania

The representatives of the Association of Polish Scholars in Lithuania (SNLP) on Tuesday 6th of January held a small meeting in Cafe “Sakwa” in Vilnius. During this meeting they discussed the scientific… Read more »

Professor Henry Malewski: Minorities need elites

The Association of Polish Scholars of Lithuania (SNLP) aims to promote Science among Polish young people in Lithuania and encourage the most talented of its representatives to choose a scientific… Read more »

Henry Malewski: Polish minority has a problem with education

Any minority where there is no elite, including scientific elites, cannot exist – this statement comes from the President of the Association of Polish Academics in Lithuania, Prof. Henry Malewski during a… Read more »

Most ethnic minority representatives find out about Ukraine from Russian television

The majority of ethnic minority representatives find out about events in Ukraine from Russian TV channels, which blame Ukraine for the current conflict, reports the Radio and Television Commission of… Read more »

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