List/Grid Monthly Archives: October 2014

A new look for Paneriai

Paneriai, the place of the mass murder of up to 100,000 people during WWII is to get a new look, to commemorate the victims of Holocaust and Hitlerite crimes. A new… Read more »

Władysław Korkuć. We will remember him…

One year ago, he celebrated 85th birthday. The story of his life was full of patriotism and Polishness. Childhood and youth were the years of war, scouting, conspiracy and the fight… Read more »

Edward Klonowski appointed lieutenant

The Polish Embassy in Vilnius informed that Edward Klonowski was appointed lieutenant at the ceremony which took place on the 16th October. Ambassador Jarosław Czubiński and Consul General Stanisław Cygnarowski… Read more »

We are a good proposition for a voter. The Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania celebrates their 20th anniversary

“20 years – it is time to assess and summarise the activity. It is the time to thank for work done and the occasion to unite before next battle –… Read more »

Roaming around the streets of Vilnius: Andrzej Wolan, a humanist from Bathory’s time

Andrzej Wolan was born around 1530 in the western part of Greater Poland. He happened to come to Vilnius. At present, one of the most charming and interesting historically streets… Read more »

About the problems of Polish education in Lithuanian Parliament

Lithuanian language teaching in Polish schools, the need to pay more attention to the level of Polish speaking, financing schools and some other topics were discussed during the meeting organised… Read more »

Education reform: getting worse than better

It has been three years since the introduction of the amendment to the Education Act March 2011. As is widely known, amendments are meant to fix the law. Yet, in… Read more »

How to understand one’s identity in the age of globalization

On 16th October International Scientific Conference “Identity where cultures meet” has started. Last conference of this kind took place four years ago. It is the third time the representatives of… Read more »

Autumn actions for the Rasos cemetery have begun

The Polish Medical Association in Lithuania came up with a proposal of money collection on the Vilnius Region’s cemeteries for renovation of the Rasos’ old graves.  So far such collections… Read more »

National minorities OSCE expert visits Lithuania

Veronika Kristkova paid a visit in Lithuania; she is a national minorities expert on the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). The purpose of this visit is to… Read more »

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