“The whole Polonia looks with appreciation at the achievements of Poles in the Vilnius region”


– with such words the President of the Association “Polish Community” Longin Komołowski on Saturday, September 6, welcomed all the participants of the double feast organized in Rūdiškės: The 23rd Festival of Polish Culture of the Trakai region “Jingle, Polish Song!” and special events at the harvest festival..

As for the event, organized by the Polish community, the festival in the Trakai area began with a Mass . The service was celebrated in the Rūdiškės Church dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. After the service, the opening of the feast in Rūdiškės was made by the president of the Union of Poles in Lithuania (ZPL), the Member of Parliament of Lithuania Michał Mackiewicz, along with the president of the District Department of Trakai of ZPL, Vice Chairman of the Lithuanian Seimas Jarosław Narkiewicz.

By opening the feast Michał Mackiewicz stated that Trakai District Branch of the Union of Poles in Lithuania is one of the most active branches of ZPL, which “through its activities weaves a white-red flower into a large wreath of Lithuanian culture in the Vilnius region and not just in the Vilnius region, also in the whole of Lithuania. (…),”  he said.

In his speech the president of the “Polish Community” Longin Komołowski noted that the achievements of Poles in Lithuania are enjoyed by all Poles scattered all over the world. “This is a typical meeting in the Vilnius region: Mass in Polish, Polish songs sung, singing Rota, bread greeting. Tradition, which is the Church, the Polish language, Polish culture – all these allowed Poland to survive. The entire Polonia world – 20 million of Poles living outside Polish borders – all very pleased and appreciating, look at achievements of Poles in the Vilnius region. Those successes that you achieve being together, being in unity, successes, which serve Poles living in the Vilnius region, are very important. (…) What matters is persistence, consistency, sticking to Polish culture. (…) we share Poland and Polish prosperity . I wish you to continue to persevere because it is very important for you and important to Poland,” said Longin Komołowski.

The mayor of local government of the Šalčininkai district Zdzisław Palewicz was pleased with the fact that the Šalčininkai region managed by him has such a good neighbour, that is as he said, the Trakai region: “To have a good neighbor – it is very much. In the area of Šalčininkai we are glad that Trakai district is such a neighbor: a real, honest, friendly.”

The mayor of the local government of the Trakai area Edita Rudelienė in a speech pointed out that there are many opportunities to enjoy: the great weather, good crops of this year and, as she noted, the “good crops of cultural units operating in the Trakai area.” For a very well organized holiday the mayor thanked the President of the Trakai District Department of ZPL Jarosław Narkiewicz.

On the other hand, the vice-mayor of local government of the Trakai area Maria Pucz enjoyed the constructive cooperation with partners in local government: “I am proud of the fact that we are here with our friends, with our partners, with whom we govern together the Trakai region. I am extremely excited that today we can again speak freely and peacefully in Polish. Prayer and song in the Polish language will allow us to survive for a long time.”

The festive concert featured numerous artistic groups that arrived. The combined choir was conducted by the Secretary of ZPL Edward Trusewicz.

Participants of the feast could, moreover, see an exhibition of the gifts of autumn and take part in the harvest festival with the possibility to taste delicacies prepared by housewives of Trakai.

In the festival participated, inter alios, the director of administration of local area of the Trakai region, Jonas Liesys, Józef Górny, the Director-General of the Supreme Chamber of Control, and many other honourable guests.

The feast culminated with a concert of Darek Malejonek with the band Maleo Reggae Rockers.

Source: http://l24.lt/pl/kultura-pl/item/39584-cala-polonia-z-uznaniem-patrzy-na-dokonania-polakow-na-wilenszczyznie

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