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Polish Discussion Club. It is time for Polish – Polish discussion

“We want to create a platform for the discussion among Poles in Lithuania, which would create new ideas to improve the situation of Lithuanian Poles and Polish-Lithuanian relations” – said… Read more »

20th anniversary of Ponarska Family: “Not until recently was Ponary talked about”

In Ponary forest, on the periphery of Vilnius where the mass murders of World War II were committed, on Monday, there was a ceremony celebrating the 20th anniversary of Ponarska… Read more »

Home Army commemorated in Vilnius

A plaque to honor the Home Army of the Vilnius County “Wiano” and the Novogrodek County was presented on Sunday the 28th September in the House of Polish Culture in… Read more »

Festivities of the 20th anniversary of the Ponarska Family Association

The celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Ponarska Family Association began on Monday (29th of September). The ceremony was organized under the patronage of the ambassador of Poland in… Read more »

Poczykowska is leaving the Ministry. There is only one „Polish” vice minister left

Vice minister, Leokadia Poczykowska, from the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania, has finished her work in the Ministry of Agriculture. Her position is taken by Vilius Martusevičius, who has… Read more »

Propose your candidats to the “Polish Man of the Year 2014” title

13 439 — this is the total number of the votes for the last year winner of the “Polish Man of the year” award – Maria Rekść, the mayor of… Read more »

Contemporary Polish poetry in Lithuania: Thematic dominants

In the first episode of our series, we presented the body of literature environment, which involves contemporary Polish-language poets of Lithuania. Today we would like to put forward a question… Read more »

Adam Zagajewski’s “Two Cities” among the best translations into Lithuanian

For the fifth time Lithuanian Association of Literary Translators have chosen the best translations of foreign literature into Lithuanian language published in 2013. Among the five books which have been chosen… Read more »

A member of Parliament from Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania talks about human rigths in Lithuania

A member of Parliament from Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania, the Chairman of the Committee on Human Rights Leonard Talmont discussed the situation of human right and especially minority… Read more »

They not only give opinion on non-Lithuanian names

17-person State Commission on the Lithuanian Language appointed by Lithuanian Seimas (Parliament) not only gives opinion on the possibility of writing a name in the original form in Lithuanian identity documents but also appointed 7 subcommissions…. Read more »

Walking through the Vilnius streets: Where are Strumillo’s orchards?

Juozapo Strumilos’ or Joseph Strumillo’s street – this is the real name of the deserved to Vilnius botanist, fruit farmer, gardener, lawyer, social activist. The street is located on the… Read more »

Norkevičius:” The seriousness of the Polish-Lithuanian relationship begins at the academic level”

Soured in 2010-2011 Polish-Lithuanian relations began to improve in late 2012. Time shows how long this improvement will last – said to Mindaugas Norkevičius, a doctoral candidate of political… Read more »

The Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania rejected an act concerning national minorities submitted by the conservatives

The Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania quashed the variant of the act on national minorities suggested by the conservatives, which for example prohibited bilingual plates. In favor of the… Read more »

EAPL delegation visited Warsaw

While visiting Warsaw, the representatives of the EAPL met, among others, with the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Eugene Grzeszczak With an official visit to Konstancina-Jeziorna near Warsaw went nearly… Read more »

Polish bookstore on the Lithuanian-Belarusian borderline

“Everything from Ejszyszki is close to heart, yours, one own, created by work”. In the words of the song, which is the unofficial anthem of Ejszyszki, Henryk Fedorovich from Ejszyszki,… Read more »

Jews of Lithuania remember the victims of the Holocaust

Lithuania has designated 23 September as National Memorial Day for the Genocide of the Lithuanian Jews. At the time of II World War over 200 thousand of Jews, that is 90 percent of the Jewish… Read more »

Walking through the Vilnius streets : Narbutt wrote in Polish language about Lithuania

He was an unusual historian and unusual is the street bearing his name: Teodoro Narbuto g. (Theodore Narbutt). There are no buildings next to it. It combines two roundabouts –… Read more »

The conversation with the Chair of the parliamentary fraction of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania Rita Tamašunienė

Before one week, Lithuanian Seimas (Parliament) began the autumnal parliamentary session. 8-person fraction of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania will continue its work in Seimas now as an… Read more »

Polish conservators are saving the Vilnius angel

One of the most valuable monuments in Vilnius Old Rossa, located at the tomb of Iza Salmonowicz (1877-1901), with a beautiful angel – the work of the famous sculptor form… Read more »

Vilnius remembers Zemach Shabad

Zemach Shabad (Tsemakh Shabad) is a legendary Vilnius doctor, community and political activist, “Vilnius Janusz Korczak”, the prototype of doctor Ojboli from the story for children of Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky… Read more »

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