Polish library was opened in Wędziagole


Polish library was opened in Wędziagolo (Kowieński region) near the Kiejdańska 23 street. It is an initiative implemented by the chairman Wędziagolski by ZPL division of Ryszard Jankowski. Book collection numbers 2500 of books.

The demand on Polish literature existed in Wędziagole for a long time, but the winds of history had never been favorable to Poles. Thus, the idea was actualized only once.

In the interwar period, symbolically, near this street in the Chmielewski’s manor house existed private Polish library. Thus, proud guest was invited on the day of the opening of the library, representative of this house – full professor Andrzej Ancuta who knows a lot about the activity of Chmielewski’s library. Mr Andrzej was pleased to share his memories and observations. On the 15th of August he also cut the symbolic ribbon during the opening of the library.

Participants of the celebration saw the library and developed an interest in the Wędziagoła’s website that was written in Polish, they drunk a toast for originator’s health and sang them traditional “Hundred years!”. Immediately, lovers of literature appeared who created the first ten places of readers.

Further celebrations connected with the opening of the library and Green were transferred to the court where poems were cited in the shadows of an apple tree and chansons were performed by the band “Sużanianka” that arrived to Wędziagoły from the Vilnius region.

On behalf of inhabitants of Wędziagoła we would like to thank members of the band “Sużanianka”, director of the band Margaryta Krzeżewska for her presence in the celebration, singing during the mass and solemn procession as well as her attendance in the ceremony of the opening of the library.

We would also like to heartily thank the director of the administration of the Vilnius region, Lucyna Kotłowska for help, director of the economic division, Czesław Maselow and the councilman, Michał Treszczyński.

Source: http://www.l24.lt/pl/kultura-pl/item/39062-w-wedziagole-otwarto-polska-biblioteke

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