Exhibition of Eugeniusz Kazimierowski’s artistic works in Białystok


Eugeniusz Kazimierowski is famous for painting the first image of Merciful Jesus according to the vision which Saint Faustina received. The exhibition in the Historical Museum in Białystok presents the unknown works of Eugeniusz Kazimierowski.

The painting of Merciful Jesus belongs to the best known images of Jesus crucified and resurrected in the history of the Church and the modern world. The original was presented in June 1934 in Vilnius in the studio of Eugeniusz Kazimierowski. The vision Saint Faustina had was presented on a canvas at the request of priest Michał Sopaćko. In 1936 Eugeniusz Kazimierowski left Vilnius and moved to Białystok.

Eugeniusz Kazimierowski was not an „acquaintance of saints” and a painter of religious images. He created also projects of stage designs, popularized tourism, was a sightseer and author of many articles about tourism.

The exhibition “Eugeniusz Kazimierowski. Vilnius-Białystok”, which took place in Vilnius in April 2014, is now open in the Historical Museum in Białystok; there are presented about 40 paintings, drawings and landscapes of the artist. The works come from the collection of the museum in Białystok, other museums, private collections and from Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Vilnius.

“It is a paradox: The artist is forgotten, but everyone knows one of his paintings. The exhibition is held in remembrance of the artist” – said Andrzej Lechowski, the director of the Podlaskie Museum (the Historical Museum is a branch of the Podlaskie Museum). “Because of that the museum in Białystok wants to show all what remained after Kazimierowski” – said Andrzej Lechowski.

Source: http://www.wilnoteka.lt/pl/artykul/tworczosc-eugeniusza-kazimirowskiego-na-wystawie-w-bialymstoku

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