List/Grid Monthly Archives: July 2014

People who were killed in the fight against the Nazis were honored in the Šalčininkų region

In the Gerviškių parish (the Šalčininkų region) the renewed cemetery was consecrated. The villagers who lived in Gumbi are buried here, they were murdered by the German Nazis in April… Read more »

The Painting Open Air in Trakų Vokė

In Trakų Vokė, which before World War II was the seat of ancestral Tyszkiewiczowie, started the International  Painting Open Air “Art for art”. Within eight days artists from Lithuania and… Read more »

Professor Witold Kieżun on a postage stamp

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising Polish Post issued a stamp depicting prof. Witold Kieżun on the day of conquering church of the Holy Cross… Read more »

Teodor Linkiewicz: „The future of Polish schools depends on parents”

The 29th July was the last day of work for Teodor Linkiewicz, senior specialist in the Department of Education of the local government in the Trakai District Municipality. He worked… Read more »

Hundreds of scholarships for Polish students from Lithuania

Are you Polish?  Are you studying in Lithuania or Poland? This is enough to apply for one of two types of scholarships, which are granted  by the Foundation Vilnius together… Read more »

Renovations of schools and kindergartens in the region of Vilnius

Schools and kindergartens of Vilnius region are currently being repaired: roofs are being repaired, windows are being replaced, walls are being insulated, modern heating systems are being installed. In Czarny… Read more »

20 Jubilee Festival of Culture of Borderland Mragowo

Every year since 1995, organized in Mrągowo at Festival of Culture of Borderland already for the 20th time will host Polish folk bands, choirs and bands and individual artists artistic… Read more »

Councillors of Vilnius region thanked thebest high school graduates

The meeting of the Government of the Vilnius Region began with a formal ceremony of handing over diplomas and gifts to 11 students who earned the highest scores in the… Read more »

Projects of the Association Odra-Niemen in the Šalčininkų region

Members and volunteers of the Association Odra-Niemen form Wrocław and Poznań, the Głogów Patriotic Association, the Association Traugutt from Gdańsk and members of the Association of Poles in Lithuania Vilnius… Read more »

AWPL wants to come back to power in the Trakų region

The opposition of the Local Government Board of the Trakų region which includes, among others, representatives of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania, initiated a motion of no confidence… Read more »

The “Polka” performed by Wilia at the World Festival of Polish Folk Bands

For the sixteenth time the World Festival of Polish Folk Bands takes place in Rzeszów. At this festival Lithuania is represented by the Polish Song and Dance Band “Wilia”. Polish… Read more »

Vilnius downtown is being renovated

The Gediminas Hill and the Upper Castle of the Vilnius Castle Complex. The renovation process will include maintaining remains of the southern and northern towers in the Upper Castle as… Read more »

No lack of “hundreds” in the region of Vilnius

School diploma have already been handed out to the students of the last year of high school. Proms  already were finished. Now, graduates, looking at collected points during the examination… Read more »

An exhibition of photography amateurs from Nemenčinė

100 pictures of 12 authors from the Association of Photographers of the Museum of Entography of the Vilnius Region in Nemenčinė, graphic works of Katarzyna  Żemojcin and Eugeniusz Federowicz can… Read more »

Vilnius. Non-Poles against Non-Lithuanians

Vilnius. Non-Poles against Non-Lithuanians The biggest – and still ongoing – the dilemma of relations of Lithuania and the Poland of twentieth century is that they have started as a… Read more »

No plans for the weekend? Visit Uzutrakis!

Last year in the autumn, the refurbishment of the White Palace of the Tyszkiewicz Family in Uzutrakis came to an end. The works comprised an overarching renovation both of the… Read more »

Wandering around the Vilnius streets: His Music was born out of the Vilnius Soil..

Here  we continue the series materials devoted to great Poles after whom the Vilnius streets are named. Mickiewicz, Lelewel and Krasicki have already been described. Now it is time to… Read more »

Before the beginning of the new school year – a glance at renovations of educational institutions in the region

Each year in September we glance at the educational institutions: how are they changing, how are they preparing to enrol new students and welcome the new school year. Before the… Read more »

5th graduation ceremony with diplomas with the crowned Eagle on the Vilnius branch of the University of Białystok

Black gowns, red and yellow sashes, mortarboards with tassels, excitement – on 25th July 2014 for the 5th time, which was at the same time a mini-jubilee, the graduates of… Read more »

A teenage girl with a heart transplant feels fine

Czesia Czernuszewicz, who last year received a heart transplant at one of the Paris hospitals, is 13 now. Today, the girl feels fine and enjoys her vacation. Czesia Czernuszewicz suffered… Read more »

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