Kubilius afraid that Tomaszewski will be chosen for the mayor of Vilnius

BFL/Inga Juodytė

The Lithuanian opposition leader Andrius Kubilius criticized the amendments regarding direct mayoral elections, which had been initiated by the Social Democrats. He disapproved of these amendments because, according to him, they would lead to mayors being chosen thanks to candidates getting the majority of votes in the first round. 

“The Social Democrats want to give Lithuania some kind of twisted and undemocratic elections, since they propose candidates would win simply if they got the majority of votes,” said A. Kubilius during his press conference.

His biggest concern is the situation in Vilnius because “Waldemar Tomaszewski, who during the last European Parliament election and presidential election won in Vilnius third and second place respectively, could be chosen for a mayor.”

“Since the heavily competing right-wing candidates would share the votes among themselves, Tomaszewski is likely to receive the relative majority of votes,” explained A. Kubilius.

This week the Seimas is to discuss the amendments which would allow to introduce direct mayoral elections without the need to amend the Consitution. Mayors would be chosen in single-member constituencies.

The local government election will be held in February 2015.

Source: http://zw.lt/wilno-wilenszczyzna/kubilius-obawia-sie-ze-tomaszewski-zostanie-merem-wilna/

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