List/Grid Monthly Archives: May 2014

XXI Stanisław Moniuszko International Festival of Musically Gifted Children and Youth

Students of music schools from Vilnius, Trakai, Vilnius, Šalčininkai and Švenčionys District Municipality performed during the XXI Stanisław Moniuszko International Festival of Musically Gifted Children and Youth, which was organized… Read more »

“Dancing through the generations 2014” („Z tańcem przez pokolenia 2014”) – celebrating the canonization of John Paul II

The Dance Holiday and a traditional concert “Dancing through the centuries 2014” were held on 29th April 2014 in the Multifunctional Cultural Centre in Nemenčinė. The concert was devoted to… Read more »

25 years of „Kwiaty Polskie” [‘Polish Flowers’]

It has been 25 years since 13th May 1989, when this festiwal took place for the first time. It immediately got the name „Kwiaty Polskie” [‘Polish flowers’]. It took place… Read more »

The Tournament on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Szymon Konarski High School in Vilnius

The Football Tournament organized by the Szymon Konarski High School in Vilnius on the occasion of the school`s 50th anniversary won the team from John Paul II Lower Secondary School…. Read more »

Komorowski has decorated the Vilnius Poles

President Bronisław Komorowski, in celebration of the Day of Polish Diaspora and Polish Community Abroad, has decorated twenty-one Polish immigrant community activists deserved by popularization and dissemination of Polish culture…. Read more »

Masojć: It is not possible to get rid of Russian and Lithuanian borrowings

In each country, not only among Polish people living in the Vilnius region, there are two forms of language: official and colloquial language – Irena Masojć, a head of the… Read more »

The solemnity in Zułow. ‘Take care of Poles remaining Poles’

The celebration of 25th birthday of APL (Association of Poles in Lithuania) started with the joint singing of Rota. The enterprise took place in Zułów. Two oaks were consecrated on… Read more »

A new life of a Polish kindergarden in Janczuny

On 2nd May in the village Janczuny ( the commune Butrymańce, Soleczniki region) took place a solemn opening of the versatile center.  In the venture that was of a big… Read more »

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