Joanna Moro in TV series “Blonde”

FB/Joanna Moro

Few days ago a Vilnius actress Joanna Moro started acting in the TV series “Blonde” (pl. “Blondynka”), in which she is playing the leading role. The name of her character – Sylwia Kobus. Episodes with Joanna Moro will appear in September.

Joanna is starring in the series instead of the famous actress Julia Pietrucha. The reaction of the viewers on such a change is unpredictable, but the crew and director are really kind and friendly to her – reported Polish media.

 “I feel like a teenager, who after splitting up with his girlfriend, immediately falls in love with another one!”, said the series director Mirosław Gronowski.

Joanna, in turn, admits that she is a little bit worried, but adds that everything goes like clockwork.


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