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Hundred Years of fire service in Ejszyszki

“Platinum jubilee is a story of a few generations of residents of our region who are ready to bring help and sacrifice their lives on the sound of a siren”… Read more »

Joanna Moro in TV series “Blonde”

Few days ago a Vilnius actress Joanna Moro started acting in the TV series “Blonde” (pl. “Blondynka”), in which she is playing the leading role. The name of her character… Read more »

The battle of intellects. UNO wins again!

On Friday evening in a café ‘Sakwa’ took place the next battle of intellects, organized byVilnius Club of Vagabonds, VCV (pl. Klub Włóczęgów Wileńskich, KWW). The battle won the team named UNO,… Read more »

Daszkiewicz resigns his post as Šalčininkai district administrative director

The Council of local government of Šalčininkai district accepted the resignation of Šalčininkai district administrative director Bolesław Daszkiewicz. The Council designated Józef Rybak, who thus far held the post of… Read more »

The Jerzy Giedroyć Award for Adam Michnik and Bogdan Szlachta

The Jerzy Giedroyć Lithuanian–Polish Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (pl. Forum Współpracy i Dialogu Polsko-Litewskiego im. J. Giedroycia), which was founded in 2012 on the initiative of Polish and Lithuanian… Read more »

Anniversary concert of Rudomino School of Arts alumni

Rudomino School of Arts (pl. Szkoła Sztuk Pięknych w Rudominie ) ended its 10th year. An anniversary concert took place in Polish Cultural Center  in Vilnius. At the concert were… Read more »

Polish Literature fairs on Wileńszczyźna: 3 tons of books!

In the Polish Culture Center today (May, 29) starts the traditional spring fair of Polish book, which will last till Sunday (June, 1). For the first time the fair will… Read more »

The exhibition of Jolanta Śnieżko for the ending of a season of the Polish Artistic Gallery (Polska Galeria Artystyczna)

The exhibition of Jolanta Śnieżko ends the season of the Polish Artistic Gallery in Vilnius It is the second part of the exhibition „Vilnius contexts and inspirations of tradition”. Jolanta… Read more »

We have awarded the winners of the „My child on camera” contest

61 beautiful little finalists were awarded in the 16th traditional photographic contest „My child on camera” since this year our daily paper is celebrating 61st anniversary This competition is the… Read more »

„I am Christ’s officer”. The 30th anniversary of Rev. Aszkiełowicz ordination

“At first I wanted to become a military man but after doing my military service in soviet army I understood that the Soviet Union is not my country” – said… Read more »

Waldemar Tomaszewski’s alliance gained over 8 percent votes

According to the latest European Parliament election’s data, the Conservative , who gained  17,39 percent are winning. The Social democrats with 17,27 percent votes, are further. The Liberal Movement gained… Read more »

Vilnius in the first half of the last century

„Tygodnik Wileńszczyzny”, May 22-28 2014 no. 21 (Internet edition no. 714) With great pleasure we announce the exhibition, which can be seen at Vytautas Kasiulis Art Museum at former Joachim… Read more »

The Grand Finale of the Radioeaters’ School. We know the winners!

We know the winners of the 5th edition of the Radioeaters’ School, which motto these year was „PL-LT Island” (Wyspa PL-LT). The grand finale and award ceremony were preceded by… Read more »

Students of Polish schools among the winners of the Lithuanian language Olympiad

A student from High School of Władysław Syrokomla in Vilnius – Dominika Wasilewska won the Lithuanian language Olympiad for students from minority groups’ schools. In the contest which took place… Read more »

Mieczkowski: Personally I avoid using the word ”boarderlands”

Poetic Festival “Maj nad Wilią” began this morning as usual next to the Adam Mickiewicz statue. This year the festival has broadened its geographic horizons considerably. Artists from Ethiopia and… Read more »

‘Dancing With The Stars’ finale: Joanna Moro defeated by Aneta Zając!

“Singular messages decided about the winning”, said the host of the dancing show, Anna Głogowska.  From the very beginning Moro was considered to be a favorite, but ultimately spectators decided… Read more »

Poetry Holiday in Bareikiškės

Declamations, calligraphy and poems’ composition classes, ceramics workshops and many more attractions were prepared by the employees of the Museum of Vladislovas Sirokomlė in Bareikiškės on the “Sirokomlė’s Lyre” Poetry… Read more »

In Vilnius the contest of the knowledge about Poland, Lithuania and cooperation of the two countries

The Polish embassy in Vilnius in cooperation with the Education and Science Ministry and the Lithuanian Centre for Non-Formal Students’ Education organized the contenst entitled ‘Fight of intellects – the… Read more »

In Sejny and Sołeczniki a discussion about problems of national minority groups

Representatives of the Polish-Lithuanian Dialogue and Cooperation Forum of J. Giedrojć have visited Sejny and Sołczniki this week. In Sejny they have met with representatives of Lithuanian minority living there,… Read more »

Zbigniew Balcewicz: National Minorities in Lithuania – between integration and isolation

Polish people have been waiting 21 years for the separate agreement of the spelling of their names and surnames What has already been done within the realisation of the government’s… Read more »

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