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Polish-Lithuanian Academy: The problem of civil society concerns entire Lithuania, not only the Vilnius region

One of the organizers of the international meeting “Polish-Lithuanian Academy”, Mariusz Antonowicz believes the meeting needs to be judged positively since the Polish people learned more about Lithuania and the… Read more »

Political scientist Bielinis: The Freedom of the Lithuanian is as durable, as much freedom they give to the national minorities

Professor Lauras Bielinis from the Kaunas Vytautas the Great University argues that the proposal of the original spelling of names and surnames has not only been associated with an aspect… Read more »

„Adventure with the Polish language”. Polish Language Competition for the 3rd and the 4th grade

47 Vilnius schools students took part in the 4th edition of the Polish Language Competition for the 3rd  and the 4th grade. Today at Wł. Syrokomla High School the competition’s… Read more »

Will “w” appear not only at signboards but also in passports of Poles?

Any day now, it will be allowed to use Polish “w” not only at the signboards, but also when writing Polish surnames in Lithuanian passports. It is promised by a… Read more »

OSCE in defence of Poles in Lithuania

Knut Vollebaek, the High Commissioner of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) on National Minorities, repeatedly declared and expressed his sympathy for justifiable ambitions of Polish minority… Read more »

The Lithuanian Prime Minister promises to support the amendments to the original spelling of names

The Lithuanian Prime Minister, the social democrat Algirdas Butkevičius, announced that he would vote in favour of the project about original spelling of names, that has been registered  in Sejm… Read more »

Poles from Troki fights for their school

Poles living in Troki region still fights for their rights to learn in their mother tongue. In spring of 2013, they fighted with the Local Government of Troki Region to… Read more »

Polish-Lithuanian Academy: Our relations are full of stereotypes

It is very important that young people take part  in the discussion about Polish-Lithuanian relations – emphasized diplomats and scientists at the opening of the international meeting “Polish-Lithuanian Academy” at… Read more »

Roman Lachowicz: my book is aimed at history lovers

“I deliberately omitted three aspects: Paneriai, Glitiškės and Dubingiai, because I didn’t want to exacerbate the situation”, told Roman Lachowicz, a long-time history teacher in Polish schools in Lithuania,… Read more »

The Canonization Spark of Divine Mercy was given away in the Gate of Dawn

Today, on 2nd April, on the 9th anniversary of the death of blessed John Paul II, at 21 o’clock in the chapel of the Gate of Dawn, all the believers… Read more »

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