List/Grid Monthly Archives: February 2013

Daily Care Centre for Disabled People in Nemenčinė organised merry carnival party

On the Shrovetide, the whole Lithuania was dancing and having a party, and members of the Daily Care Centre in Nemenčinė were having a party too. There is no Shrovetide… Read more »

Polish perspective depicted at concert

At the beginning of January the Polish embassy in Vilnius announced a series of events dedicated to the Polish image on its social networking site. One of the events, called… Read more »

Nemenčinė – one city, two levels

Nemenčinė – the only city in the Vilnius Region unofficially called the Polish capital of the region. Its role has been prominent in the common history of Poland and Lithuania… Read more »

Motion for Attorney General RL Darius Valius

On 16th of February 2012, Lithuanian State Reestablishment Day, member of the European Parliament Vytautas Landsbergis delivered a speech in a biased way, choosing the unfavourable aspects of certain events… Read more »

The trial of Rev. Dariusz Stańczyk

On Wednesday, 20th February 2013, the Vilnius District Administrative Court (Vilniaus miesto apylinkės teismas) heard the case of Rev. Stańczyk. It is worth mentioning that Rev. Dariusz Stańczyk, the Scoutmaster… Read more »

Stanczyk: Why is the march “for equality” paid by taxpayers, and the scouts have to pay 2 thousand LTL?

The District Court of Vilnius (Vilniaus miesto apylinkės teismas) examined the case of Fr Darius Stanczyk, who on 22nd of January held a freedom march through the streets of Vilnius… Read more »

Linkevičiaus: “Cold peace” with Poland was pointless

Linas Linkevičiaus, the Lithuanian foreign minister, called the recent period of Polish-Lithuanian relations as “cold peace” which, in his opinion, was pointless. The minister stated that ”we talk too much… Read more »

Vaišnys: Last names are the matter of grammar and not politics (Lithuanian will not die out if there is Tomaszewski written in passport)

The grammar is not enacted by the law. Nonetheless, in life, we not only have written many dictations, but we have also taken decisions, created laws and other documents. And… Read more »

Vilnius—a Place of Eternal Nostalgia

On 28 February 2013, Thursday,  in the Crystal Hall of Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Nowoursynowska street 166) will be held the next meeting of the series “Bliscy znani i… Read more »

Tomaszewski: AWPL remains in the government. The announcement of AWPL press office

After the meeting with the Prime Minister, Algirdas Butkevičius, and the Political Council of ruling coalition, the leader of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania (AWPL) announced that his… Read more »

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