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Will the Children’s Home in Pabradė be closed?

The number of children residing in the institution has decreased significantly. This is an intentional social politics of the State, the emphasis is put on encouraging to raise children in… Read more »

The local government of the Vilnius Region held a meeting in the pedagogical-psychological clinic in the region of Vilnius

During the meeting there was a debate about how to optimize and improve the provided specialist service supporting children in a Psychological and pedagogical counselling centre in Vilnius Region which… Read more »

Steponavičius: We appeal against the minister’s directive concerning the Lithuanian language exam

The directive issued by the Minister of Education and Science, according to which Lithuanian language exams for learners of national minorities are to be easier, will be referred to the… Read more »

Stanišauskas: Marking streets to comfort people, and not a matter of politics

Recently in politics mutual apologies became fashionable, but not actually the actions to the benefit of politicians, but only for residents of Lithuania became not trendy any more. Maybe that’s… Read more »

Juliusz Bardach Award

The Grand Duchy of Lithuania Institute in Kowno established Juliusz Bardach Award which will be granted to the finest Master’s Theses and Doctoral Dissertations on national, legal and cultural legacy… Read more »

Daily Care Centre for Disabled People in Nemenčinė organised merry carnival party

On the Shrovetide, the whole Lithuania was dancing and having a party, and members of the Daily Care Centre in Nemenčinė were having a party too. There is no Shrovetide… Read more »

Polish perspective depicted at concert

At the beginning of January the Polish embassy in Vilnius announced a series of events dedicated to the Polish image on its social networking site. One of the events, called… Read more »

Nemenčinė – one city, two levels

Nemenčinė – the only city in the Vilnius Region unofficially called the Polish capital of the region. Its role has been prominent in the common history of Poland and Lithuania… Read more »

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