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Relations between Poland and Lithuania should be better than good

“Relations between Poland and Lithuania can and should be better than good,” said Donald Tusk after the Tuesday’s meeting with the Lithuanian Prime Minister, Algirdas Butkevičius. “It’s getting better,” he… Read more »

EAPL fights against recourse of minorities’ rights

In a response to a statement on EAPL made by T. Janeliūnas, a lecturer in the Institute of Political Science and International Relations of Vilnius University, it is necessary to… Read more »

Will the monastery buildings go back to the order?

After 19 years of disputes and 9 years of litigation, the Supreme Court of Lithuania ended the case of Franciscan monastery buildings in Vilnius, located at the church of the… Read more »

Media storm after W. Tomaszewski’s statement

The statement about a lack of cooperation perspectives in the coalition, made by Waldemar Tomaszewski, the leader of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania (AWPL), has been causing a… Read more »

Katarzyna is a true pearl

In a new TV project „Łysy i Pani” („A bold and a woman”, Lithuanian: „Plikis ir Ponia”) the hosts – a well-known showman and the former chairman of the Seym… Read more »

Butkevičius: It was a PR action necessary before the approaching European Parliament election (The Prime Minister about Tomaszewski’s statement)

Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius announced that he wants to preserve stability in the present coalition but not at all costs. Therefore he will not tolerate such statements in which one… Read more »

23-anniversary of Vilnius Pouches: We act and we love it

In the distant 1990, 10 Polish students gathered in an apartment of Elvira Ostrowski in Vilnius. The result was, or rather was reborn, the Pouches Club Vilnius. The first club… Read more »

Tomaszewski: There are many questions, not only about the budget (AWPL still wants to leave the coalition)

Next Monday, another session of the political council of ruling coalition will be held. Waldemar Tomaszewski stated that he did not change his mind and AWPL still considers leaving the… Read more »

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