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Let’s help Czesia Czernuszewicz’s heart to beat

She is the fourth and the youngest child in the family. She is only 12 years old and she already must fight for the right to live. Czesia Czernuszewicz from… Read more »

Cinema memory. ‘Zapomniana rozgłośnia’ film

The House of Polish Culture in Vilnius and the Institute of National Remembrance in Białystok invite for a documentary film ‘Zapomniana rozgłośnia’ (‘Forgotten broadcasting station’) (directed by Józef Wierzba) about… Read more »

Experts: Not only words, smiles and handshakes are needed for a breakthrough (About the visit of the minister of foreign affairs of Lithuania in Poland)

February may turn out to be a critical month in Polish-Lithuanian relations. Today the visit  of the minister of foreign affairs Linas Linkevičius in Poland begins, and a new Prime… Read more »

Belarus: An interactive map of the January Uprising within the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was created

The members of the initiative “The Belorussian National Memory” with the help of the Internet service Google Map created an interactive map of rebellious actions on the territory of  … Read more »

Wilczewski: Will diplomatic visits reconcile Poland with Lithuania?

Linas Linkevičius, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, is visiting Warsaw on the 7 of February. The minister is going to meet with his Polish opposite number, Radoslaw Sikorski. Linkevičius will… Read more »

Songaila: The way to creating territorial autonomy has to be closed (Nationalists do not want Lithuanian language to be the matter of the Polish-Lithuanian dispute)

On the day of the visit of the minister of foreign affairs Linas Linkevičius in Warsaw Lithuanian nationalists submitted a letter to the Parliament, the president and the government of… Read more »

Polish students compete in the Polish Language Contest

“Hence, if joy, then with a touch of fear/ if despair, then not without some quiet hope” – the words that come from Wisława Szymborska’s poem became the motto of… Read more »

Poland is waiting for Act on Minorities (Polish press on Polish-Lithuanian relations)

Recently, the relations between Poland and Lithuania were quite tense. Politicians on both sides are waiting for the breakthrough in relations. Therefore, February may be the decisive month to determine… Read more »

Protest against Polish signs

A piquet took place in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Demonstrators protested against the new government’s plans to allow bilingual signs of street names and places, and to… Read more »

Nationalists’ orders for Linkevičius before his visit to Poland

Yesterday, the protests of right-winged politicians and nationalists took place in Vilnius, before the foreign minister, Linas Linkevičius, left to Warsaw. They believe that there is no place for compromise… Read more »

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