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The visit of Vilnius district municipality delegation in Biała Podlaska County

On 10-12 of January 2013 the delegation of Vilnius district municipality, together with the deputy director of administration Robert Komarowski and specialists from Wydział Ekonomii i Majątku (the Department of… Read more »

Edward Trusewicz: „This title belongs to the people who I worked with”

The interview with Edward Trusewicz, Deputy Minister of Culture, secretary of the Association of Poles in Lithuania and the winner of the 15th competition for “The Poles of the Year… Read more »

Venues in Vilnius: cafes and restaurants

Rudnicki’s café is also associated with a particular event of which Witold Rudziński tells in Wileńskie Rozmaitości (“Vilnius miscellany”):   A caricature drawn by Dangel was once published in Słowo…. Read more »

The children’s home in the Vilnius District Municipality

The fact that there is no children’s home is noticed in the Vilnius District Municipality. In this connection the Self-government of the Vilnius District Municipality prepared a technical plan of… Read more »

Danuta Narbut a new vice-director of the Administration of Vilnius

Danuta Narbut , so far an employee of the Education Department of the Self-Government of Vilnius is to be a new  vice-director of the Administration of the Self-Government on AWPL’s… Read more »

The Association of Poles in Lithuania paid tribute to insurgents

Last Wednesday (23rd January) the Association of Poles in Lithuania paid tribute to insurgents killed during the January Uprising of 1863. “On 22nd January 1863, the provisional government issued a… Read more »

Vilnius commemoration of the January Uprising – finished in the police station!

Quite an unexpected ending of the only commemoration in Vilnius of 150th anniversary of the outbreak of the January Uprising, which were organized by WHM (Mary Troop of Vilnius). It’s… Read more »

Police stops Rev. Dariusz Stańczyk

As “Kurier” posted, on 22 January at 150th anniversary of the outbreak of the January Uprising Rev. Dariusz Stanczyk along with scouts of WHM (Mary Troop of Vilnius) and the… Read more »

Exhibition, conference, coin…

In Lithuania, the year 2013 was proclaimed as “the Year of January Uprising”. In order to inaugurate the Sesquicentennial Commemoration of the January Uprising, the Polish Institute in Vilnius and… Read more »

It is time for concrete actions. It is time to solve problems of Poles

“It’s good that recently there have been some positive signs to restore the dialogue between Poland and Lithuania, however, it’s not enough. What we need are concrete decisions made by… Read more »

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