Šalčininkai: less weddings, more births

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Register office in Šalčininkai gives the statistics for the year 2012 – more births, less weddings, divorces and deaths.

394 infants were born in Šalčininkai region in 2012. 377 births have been already registered in 2013, whereas in year 2010 there were 374 births and in 2009 – 367 births.

The most popular names for girls in 2012 were Gabija, Sylwia, Emilia, Patrycja, Milana and Adriana. The most popular names for boys were Ernest, Dominikas, Damian and Daniel. Nowadays, more non-traditional and untypical names become popular. According to what is said by clerks, name choice is highly influenced by television. Among the names thus influenced we can enumerate Ratmir, Dylanas, Evan, Odisej, Xena and Nikoleta; and among the rare names chosen last year – Lukrecia, Rugilė, Fabian, Rigerdas, Nejtan, Raguelis.

Numbers show that the residents of Šalčininkai decide not to marry but rather to divorce. 187 marriages were registered last year, whereas two years ago 211 couples decided to tie the knot. Young couples prefer to have a civil marriage. Similarly to what had been observed in previous years, only a handful of couples (25) decided to take a concordat marriage.

The number of divorces is still growing. The marriages of young people, especially those born after 1980, are very fragile. They hastily decide to get married and they divorce equally quickly. Some of them cannot hold on even a year. 80 divorces were registered in 2012 in Šalčininkai region, which is 5 less than two years ago. 78 couples divorced in 2010.

484 people died last year. It is less than during the past two years – 555 died in 2011 and 635 in 2010.

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Source: http://www.wilnoteka.lt/pl/artykul/soleczniki-mniej-slubow-wiecej-narodzin

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