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A Gesture of Friendship of the Iranian Nation to the Polish People – The Exhibition “History of Polish Wanderers During World War Two”

In the Polish Community House there will be opened an exhibition named “History of Polish Wanderers During World War Two”, which is meant to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the… Read more »

Volunteer work– exploitation or opportunity for a great CV?

Volunteer work is habitually associated with a help for our fellows and with the unselfishness. However, this opinion is only partially true. The whole idea of the volunteer work, regardless… Read more »

Niewierowicz: The nuclear potential of Lithuania is very large

The most important thing to do by Ministry of Power Engineering is to ensure the Lithuania with the engineering independence, said Jarosław Niewierowicz, the new Minister, during the conference on… Read more »

“Marzenia dzieci 2012” (Children’s dreams 2012) came true

The social project called “Marzenia dzieci 2012” was carried out for the first time in Lithuania during Christmas. 27 local governments, together with  Vilnius district municipality, took part in this… Read more »

The agreement to build the monument of John Paul II

Junior High School named John Paul II in Vilnius has been waiting almost ten years for the agreement to build the monument of the Pope at school courtyard. Finally, the… Read more »

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