Sikorski: “We were all Lithuanians than”


Radosław Sikorski, Poland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, tweeted that on January, 13th , 22 years agoallPoles used to be Lithuanians. Moreover, Sikorski welcomed his colleague.

“We were all Lithuanians than”, Sikorski wrote in response to the tweet sent by Linas Linkevičius, Lithuanian’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, in which he expressed his gratitude for supporting Lithuania’s independence aspirations in 1991. On Friday, Sikorski posted a message in which he welcomed Lithuanian’s foreign minister on Twitter.

In recent years, Radosław Sikorski has leveled harsh criticism at the Lithuanian government for its policies on national minorities. A politician stated few months ago: “I hope it will remind us that the tensions between Poland and Lithuania do not stem from the prejudice on the Polish side, but from the actions of Lithuania (or a lack thereof).” Additionally, he said: “We are ready to bridge the divide, although we constantly urge Lithuania to adhere to the treaty.”

New ruling coalition in Lithuania also declared that remedying the relations with Poland is one of its priorities.


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