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Tamošiūnaitė resigns

Edyta Tamošiūnaitė, the member of EAPL who was elected as the Vice-Minister of National Education, resigned from the post of the Deputy Director of Administration of the Vilnius Region self-government…. Read more »

Anna Krepsztul’s Street in Šalčininkai region

Since the New Year, one of the streets in Padvarionys village, which is in Turgeliai County, bears the name of Anna Krepsztul. It has been the second street in the… Read more »

Pohulanka is our home— 100th anniversary of the Pohulanka Theatre

A great celebration was held to mark 100th anniversary of the Pohulanka Theatre. It commenced with the premier of the play “Kreacja” (dir. Lilia Kiejzik) staged by the Polish Theatre… Read more »

They are not going to give up the standardization of the exam from Lithuanian language?

Ministry of education Mr. Dainius Pavalkis says that he is not going to give up the standardization of the exam from Lithuanian Language in Lithuanian schools and in  schools of… Read more »

„Light over Bethlehem” – 27 thousand litas collected (Mother died before concert )

“Stella Spei” organised the 7th Christmas carol charity night, “Light over Bethlehem.”  This time the aim of the event was to aid a day care centre for the mentally disabled… Read more »

“Pulaki z Wilni” handed their gifts over to the Soleczniki (Šalčininkai) Children’s Home

A day before Epiphany the charitable action “…bo z nami jest wesoło” (“together we are joyful”), organized by the fandom of Facebook page “Pulaki z Wilni” (“Poles from Vilnius”), came… Read more »

The centenary of “Pohulanka” Vilnius Theatre

The auditorium of “Pohulanka” Vilnius Theatre has not been completely filled up with people for ages. It was a very special occasion because on January 4 the theatre inaugurated the… Read more »

Katarzyna Niemyćko: “Keep moving forward”

For four months Katarzyna Niemyćko, a singer and participant of a Lithuanian television project “Kviečiu šokti”, has been doing her best in a dance show together with her partner Dainius… Read more »

The exhibition of Rafał Piesliak titled “Human from shadows”

The Polish Art Gallery invites you for an exhibition of a young artist form Vilnius Region, Rafał Piesliak. The opening of the exhibition titled “Human from shadows” will be held… Read more »

W. Tomaszewski: We gained the tools to implement the program

For the Polish community in Lithuania the year 2012 was difficult and crucial as well – say the Polish people. The main things are: the winning of parliamentary election for… Read more »

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