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No millionaires in AWPL

AWPL faction is not among the richest parties in the Seim. None of the MPs has fortune exceeding one million Lithuanian litas. In total, the fortune of all MPs from… Read more »

Donation rate for performing state functions was specified during Council session

On 12th December during a session of the Council of The Self-Government of the Vilnius Region, the rate of a special donation dedicated for performing state functions from the budget… Read more »

The new government about national minorities

Embassy of the Republic of Poland and the charity foundation of The House of Polish Culture in Vilnius, The Polish Educational Society and Psychological Centre of the region of Vilnius… Read more »

The Seimas accepted the new governmental policy

The members of the government were sworn in  On December 13 the Seimas accepted a policy of the new centre-left government. The coalition voted in favour of the policy, the… Read more »

The mission of Butkevičius completed – the new government appointed

The post-electoral centre-left coalition showed once again the proof of its unity. Yesterday members of the coalition almost unanimously voted in favour of the governmental policy. The policy was supported… Read more »

Lithuania’s new government sworn in

Lithuania’s parliament approved the government program on second reading. On Thursday, the ministers of the new cabinet were sworn in and began to work. The government was sworn in in… Read more »

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