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The triumph of Katarzyna Niemyćko

After 19 weeks of dance contest Katarzyna Niemyćko was announced the queen of dance in Lithuania! Together with her dance partner Dainius Dimša they won the first prize in the… Read more »

“Wilia” – three hours of folklore

Three hours long concert, ten dances, a lot of well-known songs but also several new ones, a few generations of artists on the stage – the Polish Folk Song and… Read more »

In Lithuania there are 8800 last names with non-Lithuanian letters

In Lithuania in almost 8800 cases it was possible to register such names as Katarzyna, Ewa, Tadeusz, Matthew, Joanna, Odetta and last names such as Leszczynska, Szczerba, Szulc, Brown– informed… Read more »

AWPL will have representative in VRK

In accordance with the Lithuanian law, each political party that crosses the electoral threshold has its representative in the General Electoral Commission (Vyriausioji rinkimų komisija, VRK). Therefore, representatives of the… Read more »

„Wilia” in the rhythm of polonaise and mazurka

Polish song and dance group „Wilia” has just finished a year by giving a concert of Christmas Carols and performing both folk songs and dances. The House of Polish Culture… Read more »

Goodbye 2012. Hello 2013 – what do you have for us?

Although the world has not ended, for some Lithuanians Polish electoral success may be perceived as a doomsday… There is no end to the economical crisis although some people claim… Read more »

Katarzyna Niemyćko Lithuanian Dancing Queen

After 19 weeks of rehearsals and dance performances in the „Kviečiu šokti” project, Katarzyna Niemiyćko and Dainius Dimša won the first place in the superfinal. They won 25,000 Lithuanian litas… Read more »

2012: Fighting against emigration and a critical election

The recent parliamentary election was a critical event in Lithuania, claim all Polish experts, who are into Lithuanian affairs. According to them, the new centre-left government could improve the mutual… Read more »

The Light over Bethlehem – a charity concert by Stella Spei

Already for the seventh time, Stella Spei invites you to a Christmas charity concert titled “The Light over Bethlehem.” This time the group is going to play for the benefit… Read more »

Celebration of the centenary of the ‘Pohulanka’ theatre

On 4 January 2013 to celebrate the centenary of the ‘Pohulanka’ theatre, Polish theatres on Lithuania, will present the newest plays. The event is held under the patronage of Waldemar… Read more »

Charity concert “Piłsudski pamięcią przyzywa” on TVP Polonia today

Today at 6.55pm TVP Polonia will broadcast the second charity concert “Piłsudski pamięcią przyzywa!” (remembering Piłsudski).Proceeds from the concert will be spent on rebuilding Park Pamięci (memory park) in Zalavas,… Read more »

During the session of the council the changes in the budget were introduced, a new deputy director for administration was appointed

During the session of the council of the self-government of the  Vilnius District Municipality on 21st December the changes in the budget were introduced: a part of earmarked funds were… Read more »

Christmas Wafer Meeting in the Nursing Home in Podbrzezie

On 27th this year in the Nursing Home in Podbrzezie Christmas wafer meeting took place. The rector Marek Gładki, the mayor’s consultant of the self-government of the Vilnius District Municipality … Read more »

Cytacka has officially become the vice-minister of energy

Since Friday (December 28th) Renata Cytacka has been officially working as the vice-minister of energy. She has been already approved by Lithuanian intelligence agencies. Jarosław Niewierowicz, the minister of energy,… Read more »

Time measured in a Vilnius manner

In 2013 the most popular calendar in Vilnius Region – the Calendar of Vilnius Family – will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. Other institutions and organizations of Vilnius Region traditionally… Read more »

Traditional New Year’s Concert of “Wilia”

Traditional polonaises and mazurkas, mixed with Christmas carols and forgotten old pieces as well as quite new dances and songs – all that things one can see at the New… Read more »

„Piłsudski calls to memory” concert

On a Friday night Polonia television broadcast the second charity concert “Piłsudski calls to memory”. The money collected during the concert will be used to rebuild the Memory Park in… Read more »

The less Poles are allowed, the more they are expected to do

The end of the world did not happen. And I do not mean the apocalypse foretold by the Mayans. The Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania [Polish: Akcja Wyborcza Polaków… Read more »

Lewicki: I’m so happy that people like us

The biggest event in 2013 is going to be the 25th anniversary of “Vilnius Band”, it will be an enormous meeting of people who play in bands, says to PL… Read more »

New Year’s Concert of Todes Vilnius

The dancing group Todes Vilnius has finished its last 12 months by giving a New Year’s concert that took place in the Children and Youth Centre in Vilnius. The audience… Read more »

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