List/Grid Monthly Archives: November 2012

At St. Jadwiga in Vilnius

At St. Jadwiga in Vilnius it is the first time so many faithful and church dignitaries have gathered. The first time because they have gathered at the solemn ingress of… Read more »

Tomaševsky: Narkevič may be elected as the deputy speaker of the parliament

“The negotiations for the deputy speaker’s position in parliament have already been concluded. Nonetheless, the person to take up this function is yet to be appointed.”, said the leader of… Read more »

Dudzińska: Will the new Lithuanian government manage to go beyond the language of declarations?

The result achieved by the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania in recent elections is definitely a success, but it does not guarantee a diametrical change in the situation of… Read more »

Niemyćko and modern dance

A fierce battle took place at the dance floor of the show “Kviečių šokti” (“Let’s dance”), since the theme of this show’s edition was “the battle without rules.” As always,… Read more »

Quo Vadis Young Poles?

On November, 17-18, 2012 the conference entitled ‘Quo Vadis Young Poles’ took place in the Polonia Castle (Dom Polonii) in Pultusk; and was chiefly devoted to the problems concerning the… Read more »

Impressive Polish Culture Days in Vilnius

Concerts, theatrical performances and an exhibition added splendour to this year’s Days of Polish Culture that took place in Vilnius from 16 November to 18 November. This year’s repertoire proposed… Read more »

The Polish Language Week in schools in the Vilnius region

The inauguration of the Polish Language Week in schools in the Vilnius region was on 15th November in the auditorium of the Lithuanian Educological University. The Week was opened in… Read more »

A New Upper-Secondary School in Kalvelių

Polish comprehensive school in Kalvelių in Vilnius district municipality defended accreditation and received a honourable status of the upper-secondary school. On November 14 2012 the inauguration of Stanisław Moniuszko Upper-Secondary… Read more »

Reflections on white-and-red soup and a new page of history. A press review

At last, after a longish process of matchmaking, the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania has entered into a political marriage with the rest of the ruling parties. The relationship… Read more »

Digital and analog TV do not provide too much Polish television

The process of digitalising the TV signal has divided the Lithuanian market of television services. While big TV channels lose their viewers, small, local and niche ones are becoming more… Read more »

Radczenko: Is It the End of the Myths About “Bad” Lithuanians and “Bad” Poles?

It is almost a month since the elections finished. We know the composition of the future coalition government. The Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania enters the Lithuanian government as… Read more »

Jedziński belongs to the parliamentary Constitutional Commission A new comission has been established

On Tuesday, the Lithuanian parliament established the parliamentary Constitutional Commission. Among the Commission’s members is the representative of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania – Zbigniew Jedziński. The Commission… Read more »

During the session of the council the report from accomplishment of budget was accepted. Newly elected deputy of the Sym of the Republic of Lithuania Mrs. Rita Tamašunienė said goodbye to the work at the self-government

During the pitting on 13th of November the council of self-government of Vilnius region accepted the report of accomplishment for budget of self-government for nine month of year A.D. The… Read more »

I speak only Lithuanian

I often wonder whether life is harder for people who know five languages and have nothing to say in any of them, than for those who have knowledge and interesting thoughts… Read more »

Samsel: It’s not over yet

A new ruling coalition with the EAPL has formed. The negotiations were long. It seems that the EAPL has negotiated a position that is adequate to the number of seats… Read more »

Polish Language Week in Vilnius region schools

By the decision of members of the Methodical Group of Polish Teachers of Vilnius Region taken on 23 September 2012 “About the need of organising a Week of Polish Language”,… Read more »

Ghetto to which we shove

“If teaching any religion is to become compulsory in schools, then choosing only one of them may cause objection of people of all other religious denominations”. This is the conclusion… Read more »

Poles will join the coalition

“AWPL (Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania) will join the coalition which is being formed”, said Algirdas Butkevičius, a candidate for the Prime Minister position. Waldemar Tomaszewski, however, makes the… Read more »

The Promotion of Native Language

Film and musical soirées, language games, meetings with poets, poetry recitation competitions, trips – they are a few attractions provided by “The Week of Polish Language” [Polish: Tydzień Języka Polskiego]… Read more »

One Europe – Two versions of history

After the reading of an interview with Saulius Sužiedelis, an American professor of Lithuanian descent and member of the International Commission for the Evaluation of the Crimes of the Nazi… Read more »

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