List/Grid Monthly Archives: November 2012

Saszenko acting as a beginning singer

After a successful debut in Elton John’s musical “Aida”, Ewelina Saszenko continues to conquer a professional theatre stage. This time the audience will have an opportunity to admire her great… Read more »

Olekas: Minorities have to feel like valuable citizens

“Program of the new government will include a lot of points concerning solutions for problems which minorities in Lithuania experience” – stated Juozas Olekas, vice-president of the Social Democratic Party… Read more »

Radczenko: Who is hostile towards a “new beginning” in the Polish-Lithuanian relations?

The fact that AWPL (Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania) exceeded the electoral threshold and they managed to enter the Lithuanian government on more or less equal terms, has created… Read more »

The mausoleum of Marshal Józef Piłsudski in Rasos Cemetery has been devastated

On Saturday (November 24th) around 11:30 the police were informed about the devastation of the Piłsudski mausoleum in Rasos Cemetery. On the tombstone there was also a poster with a… Read more »

The attack on the Polish sanctuary at Rasos

On Saturday around 11.30 am Vilnius police was informed about the attack on the Mother and the Son’s Heart mausoleum at Rasos. On the wall, next to the tombstone under… Read more »

The new government about national minorities

In its program, the new ruling coalition will promise to national minorities’ original spelling of names and bilingual names of streets and cities. The program also predicts that in the… Read more »

Rita Tamasuniene becomes a foreman of the EAPL faction in Seimas.

Rita Tamasuniene will be the leader of the Polish faction in the Lithuanian Seimas. The EAPL formed an eight person faction as soon as Irina Rozova and Zbigniew Jedzinski, who… Read more »

Press review. The pride and the ideology.

While the new government is being formed and picking up the speed, the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania (EAPL) is receiving much publicity from the media. In the articles… Read more »

Banner for the school dedicated to Marian Zdziechowski in Suderewo

Another school in Vilnius has its little holiday to celebrate. Today on 23rd of November the banner of school is being expend with celebration. The background of the banner is… Read more »

There is no true self-governance in Lithuania

Is Šalčininkai district municipality only a recreational and tourist region? Is it worth developing other fields of economy here? These issues were discussed during a conference in  Šalčininkai titled “Šalčininkai… Read more »

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