List/Grid Monthly Archives: October 2012

Second round of the election- two mandates for Poles

During the second round of the election to the lower house of the Lithuanian Parliament Poles did not manage to break the record of getting the seat for two members… Read more »

Sielewicz: I’ve never seen any flying saucers

Cosmic hunter form Vilnius Region “I decided to build a telescope myself and I did it” Henryk Sielewicz, an amateur astronomer who have already “hunted” a few stars and whose… Read more »

Mikniškės: Ora et labora

There have been many rumours about Mikniškės: about an orthodox church, kind people, unique atmosphere, commune… The last one was difficult to understand, different from accepted stereotypes. I have to… Read more »

The Diocesan Seminary

In the Diocese of Vilnius there is a diocesan seminary. It was founded in 1582 on the strength of the Foundation Decree issued in Vilnius on 11th January 1582. The… Read more »

A summit of the leaders of the European parties.

A personal meeting of the Member of the European Parliament, Waldemar Tomaszewski, with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron. On the 18th of October 2012, in Brussels,… Read more »

Polish-Lithuanian Academy: Looking for common features

The fourth edition of the Polish-Lithuanian Academy, devoted to the search for a dialogue between the two nations, began on Friday with lectures in the Institute of International Relations and… Read more »

A meeting of the Polish Scout Association in Lithuania

The Polish Scout Association in Lithuania is one of the largest and most dynamic Polish organizations in Lithuania. It brings together more than a half thousand children and youngsters from… Read more »

Steponavičius: We are ready to cooperate with AWPL (Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania)

Gintaras Steponavičius, vice president of the Liberal Movement and the Minister of Education, said in the interview for the radio “Znad Wilii” that he has nothing against the coalition with… Read more »

Upsaskich: Either Poles or the Liberal Movement

In the second round of the parliamentary elections Viktor Uspaskich, a Member of the European Parliament and the Labour Party’s leader, is going to support not only the candidacies of… Read more »

Wedding at the harvest festival in Mościszki

After harvesting it is worth to talk about old customs. Time flies, seasons are changing rapidly. When we look at it from the perspective of the viewer we do not… Read more »

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