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Polish demonstration in Kaunas Region

Last Saturday in Vandžiogala, a small town located near Kaunas and homeland of Czesław Miłosz, ca. 30 Poles led by a Lithuanian priest, Oskras Volskis, demonstrated in front of the… Read more »

Narkiewicz “We are for the prosperity independent of nationality”

In “The Political Salon” of the “Znad Wilii” Radio Jarosław Narkiewicz, a member of Lithuanian Parliament, said that the AWPL’s chances in the upcoming elections were very strong. According to… Read more »

Demonstration in Vandžiogala against the discrimination and social democrats

Last Saturday (22nd September) Poles form Vandžiogala, Kaunas district, demonstrated against the discriminatory policy of the local authorities. One of the organisers of the demonstration was a parish priest, Oskaras… Read more »

Iškauskas: the 1939 dilemma- between the hammer and the anvil

August and September 1939 were the decisive time not only for Lithuania but also for the whole area between the small Salla in Lapland, and Bessarabia, which then belonged to… Read more »

The parish priest to the praying tourists: “Get out of here and go back to Poland!”

A group of tourists from Łęczna were shocked when the parish priest of the Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Vilnius expelled them from the church. Why? Because they were Poles. The… Read more »

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