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The youth from Poland and Lithuania: the tolerance is not innate, it has to be learnt.

The project ‘Different faces- one soul’ (‘Skirtingi veidai – viena siela’) has ended. Within the framework of this project, the youth from Poland and Lithuania was discussing the human rights,… Read more »

‘Vilnius 1937’ in the Polish Art Gallery

Next Tuesday (25.09) the Polish Art Gallery ‘Znad Wilii’ in Vilnius starts a new season with an out of the ordinary exhibition ‘ Vilnius 1937’. In the fallow season the… Read more »

Cultural relations in Vilnius in the 16th and 17th centuries

Sustained by the great religious zeal and skilled in pursuing their objectives, the Jesuits began to act in Vilnius on a grand scale. St. John’s Church became the centre focusing… Read more »

Steponavičius: The overall level of skills at Lithuanian language is high

The Lithuanian Ministry for Education will release the results of the mock Lithuanian language exam next week, according to the minister of education, Gintaras Steponavičius during the “Politics Lounge” on… Read more »

Lithuanian priest stands in defence of Poles

In Vandžiogala, a town in Kaunas district municipality, parishioners and their parish priest, Oskaras PetrasVolskis, are organising a demonstration against the discrimination of local Poles. The local authorities are afraid… Read more »

Lithuanian priest defends Poles in the Kaunas region

On Saturday, 22th September, Poles from Wędziagoła (Vandžiogala) in Kaunas region, want to protest against discrimination on grounds of nationality at the head of a Lithuanian priest Oskaras Volskis. The… Read more »

Grand Final of ”The Radiożercy Holidays” – waiting for the results!

Radio talents, lying dormant in the students of Polish schools in Lithuania, will be awarded on Saturday, September 22th, 2012, in the House of Polish Culture at 4.00 p.m. (Naugarduko… Read more »

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