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Venclova: the conflict between Lithuania and Poland is a result of the politicians’ flirt with the electors

The conflict between the Lithuanians and the Poles is the result of the politicians flirting with their electors during a fight for their votes – said a renowned Lithuanian poet… Read more »

Radczenko: Splendeurs et misères of the EAPL’s electoral program

It is an open secret that the majority of the party manifestos are written in accordance with an old Vilnius rule: ‘the wise one writes for fun, the silly one… Read more »

Electoral convention of EAPL.

It is said  politics were dirty but it is also known that it was a holy thing and everything was in our hands said priest Tadeusz Jasinski to all participants… Read more »

Protests in Warsaw against discrimination of Poles in Lithuania

On 14-15 September took place another protest against discrimination of Poles in Lithuania  which was attended by representatives of six organizations:  The Memoriae Fidelis Association, The Freedom and Democracy Foundation,… Read more »

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