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Cultural relations in Vilnius between 16th and 17th century

The Radziwill family printing house to a certain extent influenced the development of the Vilnius literature. It was working between 1576 and 1586. The Polish-Latin printing house belonged to Mikołaj… Read more »

The silence of MOiN arouses suspicion

The 7-month long silence of the Ministry of Education and Science [Polish: Ministerstwo Oświaty i Nauki (MOiN)] and the National Examination Centre [Polish: Narodowe Centrum Egzaminacyjne (NCE)] concerning the results… Read more »

Will Election Action go with two watchwords? Is EAPL calling for battle?

For the parliamentary election the Election Action from Poland in Latvia will go with dual watchwords. With the traditional already “Strong In Unity” and with the new one “For Justice!… Read more »

Venclova: Lithuania does not belong only to ethnic Lithuanians

Between cosmopolitanism and patriotism ‘As an essayist, I’m a cosmopolitan; as a poet, I’m a patriot and an individualist’, said famous Lithuanian poet, novelist, essayist and translator, Tomas Venclova, at… Read more »

Protest and appeal to the prime minister about the situation of Poles in Lithuania.

Participants of the protest commanded bigger activity about the situation of Poles in Lithuania. Participants of the protests inter alia from the association of Memoriae Fidelis  appealed about it on… Read more »

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